Instructions All project owners must submit the form HUD-92458 when requesting an adjustment to project rents. Ft. Footage Col. 2 divided by Part C Charges in Addition to Rent e.g. parking cable TV meals Purpose Monthly Charge Total Commercial Rent Part F Maximum Allowable Rent Potential Enter Maximum Allowable Monthly Rent Potential From Rent Computation 0 Worksheet to be completed by HUD or lender Previous editions are obsolete Page 1 of 3 form HUD-92458 11/05 ref Handbook 4350. For...
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Who issues a Rent Schedule-Low Rent Housing Form?

A Rent Schedule-Low Rent Housing Form is issued by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The document is also labeled as a HUD-92458 Form. By the legal regulations, every project owner is obligated to submit the Rent Schedule HUD-92458 when requesting approval of project rent adjustments. It is the HUD’s duty to establish and approve rental fees and utility allowances in the Rent Schedule Form after which, the project owner must notify their tenant(s) about the approved amount of rent.

What is the purpose of the HUD Form 92458?

With the help of a Rent Schedule form, the Department of Housing and Urban Development can be made certain that project owners do not overcharge their tenants and the established by HUD levels of rent are not exceeded. The information provided on HUD-92458 forms is necessary to HUD, so that they can establish and adjust rent regulations. It also helps to detect, and therefore to exclude, unauthorized and undesirable project owners on a regular basis to protect tenants.

Is the HUD-92458 Form accompanied by any other forms?

There is no need to attach any other forms to the completed Rent Schedule-Low Rent Housing Form.

How to fill out the HUD Form 92458?

The following information is to be furnished on a properly completed HUD-92458 Rent Schedule:

  • Apartment rents data including types of units, their number, rent per unit, monthly contract rental potential, utility allowances, gross rent, rent per unit, monthly market rent potential);

  • Enumeration of items included in rent (equipment, furnishings, utilities, services, facilities);

  • Additional charges;

  • Non-revenue producing space (use, unit type, contract rent);

  • Commercial space;

  • Maximum allowable rent potential;

  • Details about mortgagor entity (name, type of entity, names and titles of all principals);

  • Project owner certification;

  • HUD/Lender approval.

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